CBDI and Kaia Homes Inc. Annual Sales Awards 2023: A Celebration of Triumph and Dedication

February 21, 2024 – Where dreams turned reality at the CBDI and Kaia Homes Inc. Annual Sales Awards. Honors the dedication, tireless efforts, and boundless aspirations of our Sales Agents, Managers, and Broker-Partners at the Affinitrees, Tagaytay.

With almost 200 guests, the evening was filled with fun, surprises and proud moments. The event was participated by major brokers namely Rise and Shine Realty, DreamHouse Realty, Omniland Real Estate, Landsquare Marketing, Chunnel & Channel Realty, RM Cabal Realty, Metroland Realty, Zonal Realty, RJL88 Realty, MEC Realty, MDT Realty, RCC Realty, B.D. Domingo Realty, MJ Capillo Realty, Human Shelter Realty, Nancy Navarro Realty, EM Abapo Realty, and Realcon Realty.

The stage came alive with the enchanting performance that mesmerized the audience with renditions of 'Million Dreams' and 'This is me' from "The Greatest Showman," encapsulating the journey of the sellers in achieving set goals and targets.

Kicking off the ceremony was the presentation of the Rookie Broker of the Year award, bestowed upon Nancy Navarro Realty, a newly accredited Broker for 2023, followed by the recognition of The Most Improved Broker, B.D. Domingo Realty, achieving the highest percentage increase in Net Sales for the year.

A pivotal highlight of the awards ceremony was the celebration of quality salesmanship, honoring the Top Brokers with the Least Dropped and Cancelled Sales. MEC Realty emerged triumphant from the Challenger Group, while RM Cabal Realty claimed the spotlight for the Major Group Category for their outstanding performance in securing take-outs and full down payments. Really a testament of good customer service experience.

Before moving to the pinnacle of the awards night, Ms. Rosie Tsai, President and CEO of CBDI and Kaia Homes Inc., expressed her awe and gratitude to all who contributed to the achievement of a very fruitful 2023. Acknowledging and recognizing the invaluable role of the salesforce in shaping the organizations direction moving towards building better and quality homes.

RJL88 Realty was the Over All Top Broker, Challenger Group, the award was accepted by Ms. Rowena Laraquel. Similarly, Rise and Shine Realty claimed the title of Over All Top Broker for 2023 in the Major Group, with Ms. Sylvia Opinion accepting the honor on behalf of the team.

CBDI and Kaia Homes Inc. Annual Sales Awards of 2023 not only recognized the outstanding achievements of brokers and agents but also embodied the spirit of perseverance, determination, and unwavering dedication. As the event came to a close, CBDI provided a sneak peak of its newest project in Batangas, ignited a renewed sense of excitement and commitment among the attendees, signaling the beginning of another chapter filled with promise and opportunity. With each award bestowed and every moment shared, it was evident that the partnership between CBDI, Kaia Homes Inc., and their dedicated network of brokers, managers, and sellers continues to thrive, paving the way for even greater success in the years to come.

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